Rumor- Marvel Civil War for Captain America 3?!

Ok, Marvel fans, hold on to your seats! Word is that Marvel are looking to adapt their very popular civil war storyline to the big screen! Read on for the details: Variety is reporting that Marvels upcoming “Captain America 3” will center around the modern classic mini series “Civil War”. According to the site Robert Downey Jr is “in final negotiations” to reprise his role as Tony Stark in the upcoming threequel and if the movie follows the series, it will be a Iron Man vs Captain America movie. If you aren’t familiar with the Civil War storyline it centers around the “Superhero Registration Act” which forces all superheroes to reveal their identities to the government. This divides the superpowered community with Tony Stark leading the team who agrees with the authorities and Steve Rogers who leads the opposition. Variety claims that this disagreement will force Cap to go on the run with his allies. Stark will apparently take on the role of the villain in the film and the two fan favorites will clash. This villainous role could, once again according to Variety, be played out in future Avengers movies but since RDJ’s contract runs out after the third Avengers installment, his deal has to be renegotiated. Originally, RDJ would have a smaller part in the movie but he wanted a larger role which caused some of the involved to be angered. Sources close to the project claims that head of Marvel Entertainment, Ike Perlmutter, ordered the screenwriters to write Iron Man’s role out of the script completely. However, Kevin Feige among others were able to sway Perlmutter since Feige wanted the story to impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. The Civil War story would drive the MCU forward for a good seven years because of the dramatic tension it would create and characters it would introduce. I am more than excited for this one! But you have to note that none of this has been confirmed by anyone related to the film and least of all by Marvel. If this goes down, however and we will see a Civil War movie, I just can’t wait. I’m intriuged to see what direction the Russo brothers take the film and if Stark will be alone or joined by likeminded superheroes. It has been speculated that we will see Captain America leading a smaller Avengers team like the “Secret Avengers” which could stand on his side. Oh, I’m just too psyched! Are you familiar with the Civil War story and are you axcited for a movie based on it? Cheers, Bokis


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